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Earth Day and More

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April 22 marked the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. This event has waxed and waned since its launch in 1970, but every year it is celebrated as a reminder that a clean environment doesn’t happen on its own. In our homes we may recycle, use solar energy, compost, use rain barrels, or work toward a move to live off the grid.

At a recent Earth Day event, our Recycling Booth was staffed and busy. I always ask residents about their recycling habits and three attendees told me, flat out that NO they did not recycle.

I rarely get that answer but if so only while sheepishly skirting around the answer of NO… to avoid embarrassment in front of other families or their own.

Recycling is voluntary and quite simple since Single Stream “All in One” recycling was instituted in Broward County.

Most recycling families have more in the recycle cart than in the garbage can these days. 

Have you considered when you recycle not only the global impact you are making but that you are also contributing to the bottom line of your community?

By recycling, you reduce solid waste tonnage and transport to a land fill which is more costly than processing the recyclable materials from your home.

Making cans from recycled aluminum, the most valuable container material, requires 95% less energy and creates 90% less greenhouse-gas emissions than virgin stock, yet more than 40 billion aluminum cans hit America's landfills every year.

By recycling aluminum cans, plastics, and paper you are contributing to a sound ecological sustainable manufacturing cycle. Your municipality receives revenue from recyclables and the least contamination in your recycling the higher the commodity is worth.

If you have any questions about recycling in your community contact your municipal recycling specialist or Lee Rickles at Sun Bergeron at 954-680-6100.


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