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Trespass Program

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The Coral Springs Police Department implemented the Trespass Program in an effort to assist business owners/property management in the control of their property during non-business hours or in their absence from the premises.  When an owner has identified a trespassing problem at his or her business or property, the owner or legal representative may request this service.

NOTE: Multi-family properties, businesses and HOA’s may participate, but only common areas are covered; the individual residential units are not (i.e. individuals invited to visit a tenet cannot be barred from the entire complex).

Trespass Law:

Section 810.09, Florida Statues provides that trespassing on property other than structures or conveyances occurs when: (1) an individual has entered land which is properly posted; or (2) on unposted land, an individual is warned to leave the property and fails to do so.


Police Authorization:

Enrollment into the Trespass Program hereby authorizes the Coral Springs Police Department and its officers to act as agents of owner/property management in enforcing the provisions of Florida State Substantive Law 810.08 and 810.09.  Officers of the Coral Springs Police Department are specifically authorized to make reasonable requests to leave of any persons in or on the premises at a time or in a place wherein the premises are not open to the public.  Furthermore, the officers are authorized to act as agents of the owner/property management in the barring, or subsequent arrest and prosecution of any persons who refuse a reasonable request to leave given by officers.

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