Due to system maintenance, online payments for Code Compliance cases, Business Tax, Fire Inspection fees, Landlord Registration, and Neighborhood Preservation fees cannot be submitted.
ALERT. Ramblewood East is under a boil water for 48-72 hours per Royal Utilities due to a water main break. Do not direct questions to our Communications Division, all inquires must be made with your water utility provider.

Coral Springs Alarm Fees

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Alarm Registration Application

Registration is not completed until the $25.00 registration fee is paid.

Residential/Business Registration - 1 Year $25

Alarms should be registered on an annual basis by the alarm user. The initial alarm registration fee is $25.00. Thereafter, the annual renewal fee, effective from January 1 through December 31, is $25.

This renewal fee will be waived if there are no reports of a false alarm for the alarm user during the preceding calendar year.

Registrations are Non-transferable.

Police False Alarm Fees

First and Second False Alarms Free

Third False Alarm $50
(Or the option to attend an Alarm School)

Fourth False Alarm $100

Fifth and Subsequent False Alarms $200 Per Incident

Anyone interested in attending the City's Alarm School is Welcome to come and learn how to correctly operate and maintain your home security system. Alarm Schools are held on a periodic basis, and are an optional way to avoid paying a fine after being cited for three false alarms.