On Wednesday, Sample Road west of University Drive and east of NW 110th Avenue, and Coral Springs Drive north of NW 29th Street and south of NW 37th Street, will be closed on the night of the Holiday Parade from 5 p.m. until approximately 10 p.m.

Due to system maintenance, online payments for Code Compliance cases, Business Tax, Fire Inspection fees, Landlord Registration, and Neighborhood Preservation fees cannot be submitted.

Suspicious Activities

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  • Person(s) concealing, attempting to conceal, or carrying something suspicious.

  • Persons or vehicle stays in the same location for an unusually long period of time.
    • Could be "casing" a home or business.
    • Criminal looking for a possible victim.
    • Waiting to participate in or initiate a drug transaction.
    • Person could be sick and may need assistance.

  • Person acts strangely.
    • May be under the influence of drugs/alcohol.
    • May be sick or injured.
    • May be mentally ill.

  • Vehicle frequently "cruising" a block or specific location.
    • Might be a "get-away" car for a crime in progress.
    • Criminal(s) waiting for a specific or appropriate time to commit a crime.
    • Sex deviant/pervert looking for a target (victim).

  • Car parked with engine running.
    • A code violation in most states.
    • May be a "get-away" car.

  • Person(s) looking into cars and moving from car to car.
    • Possible looking to burglarize a car.
    • May be attempting to steal a car.

  • Car being driven at night with no lights on.
    • Car is being stolen and the thief is attempting to avoid detection.
    • Car is leaving the scene of a crime and the criminal is attempting to conceal his tag, vehicle description and his identity.

  • Person running at night or running for no apparent reason; is not suitably dressed for jogging.
    • May be attempting to leave the scene of a crime.
    • Intended victim of a crime trying to escape.
    • Person seeking emergency help.

  • Person(s) selling or conducting business out of his vehicle.
    • May be selling merchandise without a license/permit.
    • Might be selling stolen merchandise.
    • Could be selling drugs.

  • Person climbing into or out of a window.
    • May be a burglary in progress.

  • Vehicle being driven in a reckless manner.
    • Driver may be under the influence of drugs/alcohol.
    • Driver may be attempting to transport someone to a hospital.
    • Driver may be leaving the scene of a crime or fleeing from police.

  • Suspicious Sounds - If you hear anything that sounds like someone is being beaten, immediately call the police.
    • Prying, pounding or breaking glass - (burglary in progress?)
    • Screaming/yelling for help - (is someone in trouble?)
    • Alarm going off - (could be fire, burglar, or car alarm?)
    • Loud music - (is it being used to cover up screams for help as in domestic violence, or to cover up a crime in progress?)
    • Gun shots - (murder?)

Calling in the Report to Police