On Wednesday, Sample Road west of University Drive and east of NW 110th Avenue, and Coral Springs Drive north of NW 29th Street and south of NW 37th Street, will be closed on the night of the Holiday Parade from 5 p.m. until approximately 10 p.m.

Most Common Fire Violations in Business

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  • Fire extinguishers shall be tested annually

  • Fire extinguisher required with a minimum classification of 2A-10BC

  • Mount fire extinguisher 3-5 feet from the floor to top of extinguisher

  • Fire extinguisher not accessible

  • Exit signs not illuminated

  • Exit signs not functioning on battery backup

  • Emergency lights not functioning

  • Exit ways obstructed or locked

  • Electrical outlet requires a cover

  • Extension cords shall not be used

  • Light switch requires a cover

  • Remove extension cords or adapters

  • 36 inch clearance required in front of circuit breaker panels