Land Development Code Chapter 18

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Land Development Code Chapter 18, regarding real estate signs

Sec. 1806. Temporary signs; requirements according to zoning districts.
Only such temporary signs as are prescribed herein below, which conform with the provisions of this chapter, shall be permitted to be erected or maintained upon any building lot, plot, parcel of land or leasable space. No wall or window sign so permitted shall be located higher than the second story.

(A) Real estate signs permitted in all zoning districts.

(1) One (1) freestanding sign or one (1) window or wall sign per street frontage.
(a) Sign area for developed plots shall be limited to three (3) square feet in all zoning districts excluding the IRD zoning district, which is allowed a maximum of sixteen (16) square feet.
(b)Sign area for undeveloped plots shall be limited to sixteen (16) square feet in all zoning districts excluding RS-1, RS-3, RS-4, RS-5, RS-6, RD-8 and all RC zoning districts, which are limited to three (3) square feet.
(c)Sign copy shall be limited to: Situation (sale, rent, lease, zoning, size of property); name of owner; broker or agent; phone number; website; designs or trademarks, such design or trademark shall not comprise more than twenty (20) per cent of the total area of such sign and be done in a professional manner.
(d)Two (2) additional information signs six (6) inches x the maximum width of the real estate sign may be hung from, or attached to, the approved sign for temporary use announcing one (1) additional bit of information, limited to: For rent, for lease, open, by appointment only, waterfront, pool, size, number of bedrooms, zoning, associate's or salesperson's name. The total sign area may not exceed four and one half (4.5) square feet. A brochure box or tube will be permitted.
(e)Support posts for all residential realty signs shall consist of a vertical four (4) inch x four (4) inch (or 2 inch x 2 inch) post topped off with a horizontal four (4) inch x four (4) inch (or 2 inch x 2 inch) arm to support the sign panel in an inverted "L" configuration. Posts may be of wood or metal construction.

Open House Signs

(2) One (1) freestanding "Open House" sign per street frontage shall be allowed per plot. Sign area shall not exceed three (3) square feet and shall be placed only upon the property to be sold or leased. Sign shall be displayed only when the premises are actually available for inspection by the prospective buyer or tenant.
Open house signs, which are exhibited by professional Realtors, shall conform to the quantity, size, shape and color restrictions set forth in this Code. Open house signs, "for sale by owner" by individual home owners must comply with the quantity, size, and shape of sign dictated by this Code, but may use a sign that is of a different color that is readily available through a standard retail source of such signs.
Open house signs used by professional Realtors must exhibit the name of the Realtor and the realtor's phone number exhibited at the bottom of each sign face in text that is one (1) inch high.

Off–Premises Open House Signs

(3)Off-premises "Open House" signs may be permitted subject to the regulations below:
(a)Sign size shall not exceed nine (9) inches by twenty-four (24) inches.
(b)The signs shall be made of corrugated plastic, aluminum or steel.
(c)The signs shall have a white background with a burgundy or red, logo and arrow. The words "OPEN HOUSE" are permitted in white text inside the arrow.
(d)The signs' support posts shall be made of aluminum or steel. No wooden posts shall be permitted.
(e)Off-premises open house signs shall only be permitted on Thursdays (Broker's Open House) from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m.
(f)No more than one (1) sign per real estate office or homeowner shall be placed in a permitted turning area.
(g)Signs may be placed in public rights-of-way but shall not be placed in any road medians.
(h)Signs shall not be placed more than two (2) feet in height above the abutting road elevation.
(i)Signs shall not be attached to any existing signs, trees, poles or other structures.
(j)Signs placed in any right-of-way abutting single-family property shall require permission of the single-family property owner.
(k)A broker's name and address or phone number shall be located at the bottom of the sign in letters no larger than one (1) inch to identify the owner of the sign.
(l)All Realtors doing business within the City of Coral Springs are subject to these sign regulations.