Due to system maintenance, online payments for Code Compliance cases, Business Tax, Fire Inspection fees, Landlord Registration, and Neighborhood Preservation fees cannot be submitted.
ALERT. Ramblewood East is under a boil water for 48-72 hours per Royal Utilities due to a water main break. Do not direct questions to our Communications Division, all inquires must be made with your water utility provider.

80YR Layer

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80YR83/017 80YR83/026 80YR83/035 80YR83/044 80YR83/052 80YR83/061 80YR83/070
80YR73/029 80YR74/043 80YR75/057 80YR75/072 80YR76/086 80YR77/100 80YR77/115
80YR64/040 80YR65/055 80YR66/070 80YR67/085 80YR68/100 80YR69/114 80YR70/129
80YR56/051 80YR57/070 80YR59/089 80YR60/108 80YR61/127 80YR63/147 80YR64/166
80YR49/062 80YR50/085 80YR52/109 80YR53/132 80YR55/155 80YR57/179 80YR58/202
80YR42/073 80YR44/101 80YR45/128 80YR47/156 80YR49/183 80YR51/211 80YR53/238
80YR36/084 80YR38/116 80YR40/148 80YR42/179 80YR44/211 80YR46/243 80YR48/274
80YR30/096 80YR32/131 80YR34/167 80YR37/203 80YR39/239 80YR41/275 80YR44/311
80YR25/107 80YR27/147 80YR30/187 80YR32/227 80YR34/267 80YR37/307 80YR39/347