Supervisor of the Year – Sgt. William Reid
Sgt. Bill Reid is the supervisor of the Tactical and Gang (TAG) and K-9 Units, a total of 13 officers.  He is also a member of the Special Response Team as a Team Leader and is a member of the Staff Inspections Team.  In his first year as a supervisor in the Special Operations Component he has been involved in many new initiatives and projects.
  • Implemented a new initiative where TAG officers can write search warrants on gang members if there is a nexus to crimes being committed and gang activity.
  • Instructed the TAG unit on how to write search warrants and the legal procedures involved in the process of obtaining search warrants.
  • Implemented the Inmate Release Contact Initiative where TAG officers make contact with newly released inmates residing in our city to verify their residency status and to ensure they are meeting the conditions of their release.
  • Developed a lesson plan and instructed Vehicle Assault Operations for the entire Special Operations Component and the VIN Unit.  This was done to establish consistency between the units that work closely together during these operations on a frequent basis.
  • Assisted in the purchase of 4 new police service dogs, the coordination of the training academy for the new dogs, the certifications of the new dogs, and the retirement of the 4 existing dogs.

Sgt. Reid is an extraordinary supervisor and makes a conscious effort to do his very best everyday he comes to work.  This is why Sgt. Bill Reid was selected as the Supervisor of the Year for 2010.