One Planet United, Inc.

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One Planet United is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that encourages people to embrace diversity, promote unity and create community. The organization initiates a series of events in order to bring together and promote communication among people from different walks of life. The sharing that takes place at those events creates a better understanding, diminishes existing misconceptions, and creates a more friendly and accepting community.

One Planet United has developed a natural partnership with the Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee since both organizations share very similar missions. Together they sponsor a series of initiatives such as the Silent Peace Walk, the Weekend of Peace, and the Dialogues in Diversity.

The monthly Silent Peace Walk takes place at the International Peace Garden on the first Saturday of every month at daybreak. Participants get together and walk in silence through the park for 20 minutes. The intention of the walk is better understood through these verses that are recited at the beginning of the walk...

Peace in our hearts brings peace to our families
Peace in our families brings peace to our communities
Peace in our communities brings peace to our nations
Peace in our nations brings peace to the world
Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me

The Weekend of Peace is a series of events that take place during the weekend closest to September 21, the date established by the United Nations as the International Day of Peace. One of the events of the Weekend of Peace is the Peace Garden Celebration, a beautiful event that involves the children from our schools. They sing songs, recite poems, and also plant Pinwheels for Peace throughout the International Peace Garden.

Dialogues in Diversity are educational programs in a light talk-show format, where guest speakers are invited to comment about a certain theme. These conversations create an atmosphere that invites the members of the audience to participate.