Educational Programs

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The Coral Springs Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee takes great pride in hosting diversity-training programs for students at different levels – elementary (UNIKIDS), middle (UNITEENS) and high school (UNITOWN). These programs have affectionately been called our “Uni” series and are an integral part of the Committee’s commitment to educating our youth about our differences and similarities, while providing enlightenment about issues like racism, sexism, ageism, and discrimination, and emphasizing values of citizenship, friendship and social harmony. While UNIKIDS and UNITEENS are single day programs, UNITOWN, which is the high school segment, is a closed weekend retreat that emphasizes leadership, diversity and citizenship. All the programs encourage students to develop an action plan for future leadership development in their schools and communities.

In 2009, the Committee, in cooperation with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), hosted a new diversity-training program targeted to pre-school teachers and childcare providers with an overall goal to teach respect and acceptance of our differences before the seeds of hate begin to take root. This program not only enhanced our long-term training and education commitment, but it was a valuable addition to our diversity priority. The Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee sincerely believes that the sooner the message is implanted in our children, the more likely we are to grow a more open minded and accepting generation.

Unity in the Community

It was a Diversity Dialogue held initially in October 2002. The intention was to invite representatives from various stakeholder groups in the area at large to assess our current cultural climate and then take steps to address and enhance our inclusive and caring environment. Follow-up meetings were held in subsequent years to review the status of the programs underway. This not only highlighted the City’s commitment to addressing diversity issues but it also ensured the participation and assistance of other agencies to be an integral part of this effort.

Diversity Training

It is for City employees – this has always been an important area for the Coral Springs Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee who can be counted on to assist when called upon.

The Coral Springs Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee

They organizes a weekend of activities during the Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration honoring the life and works of Dr. King, with activities appealing to every segment of the population. A Scholarship Fund has been established for to assist financially needy high school seniors entering college.