A Piece of Coral Springs History

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MARCH 25, 1965

A Land-Rush Discount Sale and Barbeque sold 1,100 lots for $5 million, and featured host Johnny Carson (right).

LATE 1960s

Development began in Coral Springs. This aerial view shows that Coral Ridge Properties building, now home to City Hall; the intersection of Sampe Road and University Drive; and Broken Woods Country Club under construction. Sample Road was extended west to Coral Springs on May 27, 1970.


Students here navigate across the Coral Hills Drive and Sample Road intersection to get to school, which at the time was held in portables on the current site of Coral Springs Medical Center.

JULY 10, 1988

Coral Springs celebrated its 25th Anniversary by creating the World's Largest Hamburger and Milk Shake.

DECEMBER 31, 1999

The City buried a time capsule, to be opened in 2050, in honor of the Millennium and the opening of North Community Park.