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Residents Can Now File A Police Report Online

Residents can now file a police report online for certain incident types, including criminal mischief (not including graffiti), harassing phone calls, identity theft, lost property, minor theft and property damage. The Coral Springs Police Department expects this internet-based reporting option to be very popular among residents who prefer a convenient online service.

The service will allow the public to file a report at a time that is best for them without having to wait for an officer to respond or call them back. The public will be able to print a temporary copy of the report upon submitting the report. The report will be reviewed by police personnel and once approved the filing person will receive an email with a copy of the report attached without cost. The report will transfer into the Coral Springs Police Departments records management system and be investigated as if the report had been filed by a police officer.

This web-based reporting option will allow officers more time to address community needs while keeping pace with the public expectancy to complete services via the internet. The Coral Springs Police Department will be using the Desk Officer Online Reporting System from San Ramon, California based software company Coplogic, Inc ( The web based crime reporting service is available at

Residents Can Now File Police Reports Online (.pdf)




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