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The existing City Hall (North) was built in 1967. Since it was originally built as a real estate sales center, it was not designed to serve as a municipal complex. The City moved its operation to the site in 1976 and was intended as a temporary location. The facility is outdated and functionally obsolete. Among its many deficiencies includes a lack of energy efficiency, does not meet many modern ADA accessibility standards, significant security and life safety limitations, is not hurricane-resistant, and lacks sufficient parking and public meeting space. In short, the current structure can no longer service the needs of the community. For example, the City Commission Chambers can only accommodate 37 visitors which is wholly inadequate for a city with 125,000 residents.
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Demolition of City Hall South set for June 19 - Watch the time lapse photos

Community Redevelopment
Master Plan Modification

Community Redevelopment Master Plan Modification

The Community Development and Building Divisions are now located at:


2730 University Drive
(2nd floor, south of the Fountain)

Building Division Call Center • 954-344-1025
Community Development • 954-344-1160