Purchasing Division - Application Instructions

Please respond to each of the numbered items on the application form.You can complete the form by tabbing through the fields and typing the required information. Afterwards, print the form and sign your name. If any question is not completed, the application will be returned to you for completion, and approval of the application will be delayed.

Additional explanation is offered for the following item numbers.

Item 1. Name of applicant. Enter the firm's name under which bids will be submitted to the Purchasing Division.

Item 3. Space has been provided for a nine-digit zip code. If you use the five-digit code, please enter it in the first five spaces.

Items 6a & 6b. Enter your firm's Federal Employer identification number in 6a unless you are applying as an individual, in which case enter your social security number in 6b.

Item 15. An official signature is required. Sign the form after typing the required information and printing the form.

Mail the completed application to PURCHASING DIVISION, 9551 W SAMPLE ROAD, CORAL SPRINGS, FL 33065.