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Department Recognition Dinner Narrative - May 2014

Deputy Chief Clyde Parry, Officer(s) James Bostic, Christian Crawford, Jennifer Greear, Jeff Heinrich, James Horne, B. Scott Mitchell, Tyler Reik, Brett Schroy, Eric Schuster, Marla Sullivan, Purchasing Assistant Connie Aguilar, and Leo Bermudez- City Hall Purchasing

In 2012 the City Commission approved funding for the purchase of new police uniforms. The members listed served on the Uniform Committee, tasked with researching, testing and making a recommendation to Chief Pustizzi for the new uniforms.

Records Supervisor, Martha Fonte and IS Technician, Justin Shives

Utilizing the technical expertise of Information Services Technician, Justin Shives, Martha created an electronic Field Interview Card. The new electronic version of the Field Interview Card improves the overall efficiency of the entire department as the e-form eliminates the existing, antiquated paper version and is accessible on each Officer’s vehicle computer.

Deputy Chief Shawn Backer, Sgt. Bruce Kozlowski, Officer Scott Mitchell, Officer Arthur King and Range Master Robert Behan

In October of 2012, Range Master Behan submitted a proposal to Sergeant Kozlowski suggesting that Department consider purchasing new Sig Sauer handguns to replace our current handgun inventory. There were several motivating factors for his proposal, including the desire to switch to a new caliber, the cost of maintaining the existing handguns, documented incidents of failures with our handguns and our inability to reliably place lights on the model of handguns in use by the department at the time.

Team Citation Award - Traffic Accident Investigators: Matthew Arigo, Jose Guzman, Brandee Smith, Bridget DeVita, Elaine Caruso, Sue Malvin, Michael Milliner, Brett Popock and Chris Carmichael

Our department’s team of Traffic Accident Investigators is arguably one of the hardest working groups of employees within the City. Our Traffic Accident Investigators directly enable our entire force of Law Enforcement Officers to focus on higher risk, in-progress crimes.

Exceptional Support Initiative Commendation - Purchasing Assistant, Connie Aguilar

In late November, while Connie and her husband where out shopping in their private vehicle, they observed a vehicle slowly rolling through the intersection of Riverside Drive and Sample Road. From her vantage point it appeared to Connie that the driver had passed out at the wheel. Connie’s husband, as well as another citizen, attempted to assist the driver but when they did, he awoke and drove off. Connie quickly called dispatch and relayed the information to them.

Exceptional Support Initiative Commendation - Sgt. Ed DeRosa and Traffic Accident Investigator Bridget DeVita

On March 14th of this year, eleven golf carts were taken from the Heron Bay TPC Golf Course. Ten of the eleven carts were found abandoned at various holes on the golf course, one of which was found partially submerged in a lake. At the time of the report one cart remained missing. When Sgt. DeRosa reported to work the next day, he took it upon himself to review the Hot Sheet and obtain details regarding the event that led him to locate the eleventh missing golf cart at a local Wal-Mart.

Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation - K9 Officer Scott Clark

Earlier this year Officer Clark was dispatched to an in-progress vehicle burglary at a local apartment complex. Officers’ on-scene observed the suspects entering vehicles and removing items. Upon arrival, Officer Clark and his K9 partner, Mik, tactically approached the suspects. Despite Officer Clark’s verbal commands to surrender, the suspects fled on foot.

Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation - Youth Liaison Officer Ray Kerner

While investigating a petit theft at Taravella High School, Officer Kerner found the student in question to have a misdemeanor amount of marijuana on his person. From this student, Officer Kerner was able to garner critical information regarding a marijuana selling operation taking place at the school, including identification of the potential ring leader. Officer Kerner coordinated efforts with school administration to identify and interview the suspected ringleader of the operation.

Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation - Detective Brian Koenig

On Thanksgiving 2013, Detective Koenig was called to the scene of an armed robbery in which a suspect approached a family of six, brandished a firearm and demanded the family’s valuables. One of the victims was physically thrown to the ground in order to obtain her necklace. The suspect fled in a waiting get-away car. The victim obtained what they believed to be the first three digits of the license plate and identified the vehicle make and model. With this information, Detective Koenig began to tirelessly investigate; searching and cross referencing databases with the little information he was given.

Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation - Officer Augusto Carvalho

Late last year Officer Carvalho responded to a local Wal-Mart in reference to a petit theft in which the victim left her purse at the self-checkout counter only to return and find that it had been stolen.

Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation - K9 Officer Jonathan Banke

While conducting pro-active patrol in the early morning hours of his shift Officer Banke observed a suspicious vehicle in front of a closed business.

Exceptional Police Initiative - Officer Jonathan Bromley

While conducting proactive residential patrol in the early morning hours of his shift, Officer Bromley observed two subjects suspiciously dragging unknown items from the trunk of a car to the rear of a residence. He detained the suspects and called back-up in order to conduct further investigation.

Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation - Detective Dave Alfin and Detective Jesse Perez

While conducting patrol, Detectives Alfin and Perez spotted a suspicious rental car driving throughout the city. They observed the vehicle pull into Kinko’s and two of the three occupants enter the store. Surveillance revealed the two females using the card readers on the public computers to verify the value of large stacks of credit and debit cards they brought into the store. The duo departed and mobile surveillance was continued until the point a valid traffic stop could occur.

Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation - Officer Bryan Wilkins

While on patrol late last year Officer Wilkins observed a suspicious vehicle. Upon witnessing a traffic violation he stopped the vehicle. When he contacted the driver he observed the occupants acting strangely, making overt movements within the vehicle and appearing to place something under the passenger seat. Upon assisting the occupants from the vehicle, he discovered a firearm under the passenger seat and an additional firearm located within the cabin of the vehicle.

Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation - Officer Jason Deluca

In May of last year Officer Deluca was dispatched to a theft call in which an employee was suspected of stealing a diagnostic scanner valued at $10,000. Officer Deluca was informed by an employee of the business that the suspect asked him if he knew of anyone that would purchase the scanner from him. Using creative investigative skills Officer Deluca engaged the employee to make a controlled call to the suspect.

Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation - Officer Charles Mersch

Late last year Officer Mersch responded to a local CVS store to take a report of a delayed shoplifting. Upon taking the report he noted that the suspects described and their method of operation matched the methods used during previous thefts at the same store. He noted that the on-duty clerk as the same clerk that was on-duty during at least one previous theft occurrence. Upon being questioned, she was overly quick to respond that she saw nothing despite the fact that her assigned location within the store it would have been nearly impossible for her not to have observed the suspects.

Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation - Youth Liaison Officer Jen Greear

Earlier this year Youth Liaison Officer Greear was performing a Child Protective Investigation follow-up on a serious sexual abuse incident involving one of her students, who was known to live in Delray Beach, where the mother was a prostitute and her live-in boyfriend was a convicted sexual predator. While the case originated at the child’s former home in Palm Beach County, due to the serious nature of the allegations, Officer Greear went above and beyond to assert herself into the situation in order to prevent further harm to her student.

Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation - Detective Jason Hosler and Officer Gilbert Monzon

In early 2013 Detective Hosler, as well as Officer Monzon, who was working on his own personal time, conducted covert surveillance of a suspected narcotics dealer. Based on the findings of their surveillance the pair stopped the suspect, leading to the seizure of MDMA and Cocaine. Rather than simply making the arrest and closing the investigation, the pair built a rapport with the suspect, ultimately engaging a Vice, Intelligence and Narcotics detective to work with the suspect as a Confidential Informant.

Exceptional Police Initiative Commendation - Detective Karen Hallman

Det. Hallman was the lead detective charged with investigating a large scale organized ring that was stealing high priced sunglasses from multiple locations of large chain store eyeglass retailer and selling them on EBAY. Once the subjects were identified several search warrants were executed leading to the recovery of over $58,000 in stolen merchandise.

Operations Unit of the Year - B.E.A.R. Unit
Sergeant Glen Dorow, Detective(s) Sean Murray, Detective Greg Tony, Detective Jesse Perez, Detective Dwight Hodgson, Detective Cody Jacobs, Detective David Alfin

The BEAR Unit came into existence in 2012 as part of a trial program to make an immediate and dramatic impact on the city’s burglary problem. Having made a significant impact in 2012, the Unit became permanent in 2013 and tasked with the sole purpose of decreasing burglaries within the confines of the city before they extended their reach outward.

Service Unit of the Year – Communications Unit

Telecommunicators- Diana Armistead, Amy Backer, Lisa Bilbao, Debra Brennison, Debra Collins, Stephanie Dorow, Louis Falco, Samantha Fettner, Erin Geiger, Richard Grossman, Jessica Jenkins, Erin Kafka, Maria Kerner, Barry Kolesar, Christopher Mullins, Elliot Nieves, Melissa Raglin, Kimberly Valdez, Hillarey Vullo, Lorry Wiesing
Emergency Call Takers- Laurie Blecker, Elizabeth DiBenedetto, Pamela Green, Cecilia Jorgensen, Karin Niemeyer, and Peter Pisano
Shift Supervisors- Danyel Chin, Carolyn D’Agati, Heidi Frank-Huffer, Katherine Liriano, James Miller, and Patrick Thurman
Technical Coordinator- Thomas Ciampi Communications Administrator- Joann Brown

Under the direction of Communications Administrator, Joann Brown, the Coral Springs Communications Center is comprised of over 35 dedicated Emergency Call Takers, Telecommunicators and Supervisors.

Supervisor of the Year – Sergeant Bruce Kozlowski

Sgt. Kozlowski serves as the department’s Training Unit Supervisor. In 2012, under his direction, his Unit earned Unit of the Year in 2012 and he personally earned an Employee Excellence award for his exceptional leadership. Sgt. Kozlowski built upon his success and in 2013, under his guidance; the Training Unit prepared and administered an outstanding round of In-Service training to all sworn members.

Officer of the Year – Undercover Detective

Throughout 2012, This Detective has demonstrated consistent exemplary service to this Department and our community. Due to the nature of the Detective’s assignment explicit detail will not be provided on his case work however it can be said that his contributions lead to indictments for several gambling and loansharking operations.

Civilian Member of the Year – Range Master, Robert Behan
Bob has served as the Coral Springs Police Department Range Master since 2009. In this role he trains new and veteran officers in marksmanship, firearms safety and tactics. Every year he undertakes the immense task of conducting four quarterly training sessions, including required annual scored qualifications for every officer. More...
Distinguished Service Award – Fiscal and Accreditation Administrator, Luanne Smith-Horton

Luanne has served the Coral Springs Police Department for over 30 years. She began her career in 1983 as a Communications Dispatcher. She was promoted to a Telecommunicator in 1986 and within 2 years was promoted to Communications Supervisor in 1988. In 1994, after serving in the Communication Center for 11 years, she was named, by then Chief Roy Arigo, to the position of Planning and Research Specialist within the Office of Professional Standards. The very next year she was promoted to Assistant to the Chief. As Assistant to the Chief she took charge of the Agency’s accreditation, budget, policy and grant writing along with supervision of both the Fiscal and the Fleet and Facilities Unit.

Human Resources Specialist, Ann Marie Malone

Recognizing an opportunity to move CSPD forward technologically while also improving our environmental consciousness, Ann Marie created a detailed proposal to eliminate the hard copy distribution of General Orders and instead distribute them electronically on thumb drives.