Some Common Questions About Neighborhood Crime Watch:

Why should city residents get involved and aren't we duplicating services already being provided by the CSPD?

  • There are only a limited number of officers available to patrol the community. Other officers are assigned to administration, community and school resources, criminal investigations, family crisis intervention, ID unit, personnel/training, record tactical, traffic, and vice, intelligence and narcotics (VIN).
  • Field services (road patrol) officers, in addition to partrolling the community, are involved in report writing, traffic enforcement, mandatory training, court appearances, investigations and administrative duties.
  • Patrol officers also assist the Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and respond to other 9-1-1 calls.
  • Neighborhood Watchers provide extra eyes and ears for the CSPD

How does Crime Watch work?

  • You observe a suspicious person, vehicle, activity or crime in the community.
  • You immediately report what you saw to the police.
  • The police respond to your call and take appropriate action.

Suspicious Activities To Be Aware Of
Calling in the Report to Police