Process for filing a Commendation or Complaint

Commending a Member of the Police Department

Everyone appreciates being thanked for a job well done. When you have the opportunity to inform the Chief of Police that a member of the Coral Springs Police Department has impressed you, please do so. Letters are encouraged and will become a part of the members’ personnel file. Letters should be sent to:

Coral Springs Police Department
Office of the Chief of Police
2801 Coral Springs Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33065

Citizen Complaint Procedures

Any citizen has the right to file a formal complaint against any member of the Coral Springs Police Department. This is accomplished by contacting a supervisor at 954-346-1273 or an investigator with the Office of Professional Standards at 954-346-1788. Once a Complaint Control Form is completed, the complaint will be assigned to a supervisor for investigation. Allegations of a serious nature will be referred to the Office of Professional Standards for investigation. Upon final disposition and review by the Chief of Police, all complainants will be notified, in writing, of the results of the investigation into the complaint.

PLEASE NOTE: It is against the law to file a false complaint. You may be criminally prosecuted and held civilly liable if you knowingly file a false complaint.

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