300 Coral Ridge Dr.
Coral Springs, FL 33071


Fire Station 95

Coral Springs Fire Department opened its fifth and final fire station in 1994. Station 5 received its Broward County designation as number 95. Located in the southwest corner of the City at 300 Coral Ridge Drive, Station 95 serves as the primary unit for the Sawgrass Expressway. This earned the station its nickname of “Southwest Express.”


Response Area

 Station 95
Station 95


Total for July-September 2013

Total Calls for Station 95: 396

Fire Service Calls: 6
Fire Response Time: 4:06

EMS Service Calls: 295
EMS Response Time: 6:31

Other Service Calls: 95

Total Calls for All the Stations: 3,362

Fire Service Calls: 43
Fire Response Time: 4:40

EMS Service Calls: 2,491
EMS Response Time: 4:51

Other Service Calls: 828