500 Ramblewood Dr.
Coral Springs, FL 33071



In 1977, Fire Station 2 opened to protect the southeast edge of Coral Springs. Volunteers provided service under Chief Russ Donovan. Fire Station 2 adopted its Broward County number of 64 and underwent various changes through the years, leading to a complete renovation in 2008. For more than 30 years, Station 64 has been located at 500 Ramblewood Drive. The station’s nickname – “Living on the Edge” – refers to the type of firehouse and location. As fire members like to say, when you’re at Station 64, you’re “Living on the Edge.”


Response Area

Station 64
Station 64


Total for July-September 2013

Total Calls for Station 64: 587

Fire Service Calls: 7
Fire Response Time: 4:36

EMS Service Calls: 449
EMS Response Time: 4:31

Other Service Calls: 131

Total Calls for All the Stations: 3,362

Fire Service Calls: 43
Fire Response Time: 4:40

EMS Service Calls: 2,491
EMS Response Time: 4:51

Other Service Calls: 828