Community Development

"To plan and facilitate quality development and redevelopment, maintain neighborhood sustainability, & enhance the human & natural environment of the City."


  • Adopts, maintains and implements public land use policies designed to meet the present and future needs and environment of Coral Springs.
  • Coordinate and implement neighborhood =revitalization and enhancement efforts through continued coordination with residents and other governmental agencies.
  • Implement State and Federal housing programs (e.g. CDBG, NSP, HOME opportunities).
  • Monitor and observe the City’s Sustainability Index.
  • Promote environmental awareness.
  • Provide accurate plan review to ensure compliance with land development regulations and architectural guidelines in order to encourage quality aesthetic standards.
  • Assist the public (both residential and commercial) with general zoning information.
  • Provide technical support to the Building and Code Enforcement Divisions as we all the Community Redevelopment Agency effort in conjunction with Downtown Coral Springs.
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