Code Enforcement - Code Enforcement Process

Beginning Stages of a Code Case

Initial Inspections

A case is initiated by a code officer observing a violation, citizen call in, letter or Internet complaint and other City Departments or entities (Police, Public Works, Commission, City Manager’s Office). All complaints are inspected and verified by a Code Officer and if a violation(s) exists the code officer takes further action towards obtaining voluntary compliance.

Warning Notices

Once violations are verified to exist, a Warning Notice may be left, hand delivered or mailed to a property owner. The warning explains the type of violations, specify the number of days given for compliance, and if an Administrative Citation will be issued for a specified fine (up to $250.00) if the violations are not complied. Residents should call Code Enforcement at (954) 344-5964 if they have questions. A re-inspection of the property will take place to determine if the violations have been corrected.

Enforcement Action

Administrative Citation

If a property owner does not meet compliance an Administrative Citation will be issued with a fine up to $250.00 for the first offense and up to $500.00 for repeat offense. Fine schedule can be viewed by clicking on the link to at the end of this sentence. Ch 1 Administration, Section 190.1 Schedule of civil penalties

Notice of Violation / Notice of Hearing

This form of Notification is for more serious code violations that are not corrected. An official Notice of Violation / Notice of Hearing can be issued beginning the process for the violator to appear before the City's Special Magistrate. The Special Magistrate is a quasi-judicial process and has the authority to impose fines for each day the property is not in compliance and liens on a property.

Direct Citations

The Direct Citation is issued for parking violations and can be issued by a Code Officer or Police Officer. A Direct Citation requires a Broward County Court appearance for a violation not corrected and can result in a judgment against the individual.

Neighborhood Preservation Inspections

A Neighborhood Preservation Inspection is an annual inspection and licensing of buildings with two (2), three (3), or four (4) residential units. The inspection of these residential rental properties shall occur once during the calendar year for the purpose of ensuring the requirements meet with standards in order to maintain property values as well as to provide for the safety of the occupants of the property inspected